During the 7th Framework programme (FP7), the European Commission set up a new initiative called “FET Flagships”, enlarging already existing Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) instruments.

FET Flagships are ambitious large-scale, science-driven, research initiatives which are expected to have a great impact on the society and on the competitiveness of Europe in the world as they address grand scientific and societal challenges.

In January 2013, two Flagships were selected out of six Pilot actions through a Flagship Competitive call: the Human Brain Project (HBP) and Graphene. Launched in October 2013, these two Flagships aim to provide world-beating science and innovation over a 10 year period, during which they will receive each up to 100 M € per year. Both Flagships gather at least 15 member states as well as several associated countries and more than 150 institutions.

Therefore, this initiative, addressing highly important challenges that humanity is facing, thus receiving huge support from the European Commission and Member States, needs to be monitored and supported continuously in order to ensure the achievement of its objectives.

TAIPI – Tools and Actions for Impact Assessment and Policy makers Information has been brought into life to support and strengthen not only the FET Flagship Initiative, but in particular the two selected Flagships. We, the TAIPI team, aim to support and strengthen FET Flagships and the initiative itself by undertaking “impact assessment” activities and “collecting information need for policy making”.

Assessment will be carried out on scientific, technological, economical and societal impact. This will include the assessment of the contribution of the Flagships to the EU level of excellence and leadership in the scientific arena, the impact on the  competitiveness of industry by leading to breakthrough technologies, potential effects on the creation of new industries and new jobs, societal benefit as well as funding capacity of a Flagship including different sources such as EU, international, national, industrial commitment, associations, private, etc.

The information which will be collected while carrying out the impact assessment will contribute to the actions regarding the policy making support. It will allow us to provide policy makers with necessary background information and scenarios needed to push or change existing policies or to establish new cross-themes policies. Finally the information collected and processed via the impact assessment will make possible an evidence-based policy making.

In brief, TAIPI will generate a flow of useful information from the Flagships towards policy makers regarding the impacts of the Flagships on science, technology, economy and society.

Project Acronym: TAIPI
Project Reference: 650029
Start Date: 2015-01-01
Duration: 40 months
Contract Type: Coordination and Support Actions
End Date: 2018-04-30

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