Impact Evaluation – Booklet on Current Practice of European Research Funders

A booklet has been produced by TAIPI on current impact evaluation practice of European research funding organisations. A survey and qualitative interviews were used to gather information on impact evaluation practice. The survey was sent to research funding organisations involved in the FLAG-ERA project, the European Research Area Network project for generating national funding for the implementation of the Flagships. 113 FLAG-ERA contact points were addressed, corresponding to 38 organisations (from 26 countries and the European Commission (EC). The Booklet describes and analyses the main results of the survey and the interviews:

  • The responding organisations were split evenly between using a formalised impact assessment procedure and a more or less ‘ad hoc’ approach.
  • The various impact assessment studies are characterised by a great diversity of definitions and methodologies. There is no standardised framework which is commonly applied.
  • A wide range of impacts are considered in the assessments, with scientific impacts being most important. Economic impacts rank second and societal third.
  • A diverse set of methods is used to assess the impacts. Most commonly used are bibliometric analyses, surveys, interviews, peer reviews and case study approaches.