JRC Science for Policy Report: Regional Innovation Impact Asessement Framework for Universities

The European Commission (EC) has published a "Regional Innovation Impact Assessment Framework for Universities" on it's website.

This report provides a framework to assess the impact of universities on their regional innovation ecosystem. The policy context for this work is provided by:

a) the Renewed EU agenda for higher education which argued that universities do not attain their full potential; and

b) the report by the High Level Group chaired by Pascal Lamy which called for an additional funding stream to support universities to modernise and increase their innovation impact.

This report explores what the assessment framework underpinning such an innovation performance based funding instrument could look like. However, it acknowledges that the final form of such a framework would heavily depend on the regional, national or EU level instrument through which it is implemented. The report proposes a system in which universities draft a case study supported by indicators, through which they present evidence of their contribution to regional innovation. It identifies four impact categories and identifies a list of associated indicators. In this "narrative with numbers the universities can both explain how they reach this impact and contextualise their performance with reference to the development level of their region.