FET-Traces - an impact assessment project of FET Open and FET Proactive projects and approaches

FET-Traces is an impact assessment project which researches the scientific and technology-related traces of FET Open and FET Proactive projects and approaches.

FET-Traces is a research project for the European Commission which analyzes and measures the impacts of the research funding scheme “Future and Emerging Technologies Open” (FET Open and FET Proactive). Within the European research funding landscape, the FET scheme acts as a pathfinder for new ideas and themes for long-term research in the area of information and communication technologies and beyond.

FET-Traces is a Cooperation and Support Action (CSA) within H2020, runs from July 2015 to Oct 2017 and was commissioned by the European Commission, DG Connect.

Project website: http://www.fet-traces.eu/traces/